The technology developed by IPnP is distinguished by its modularity, enabling the addition of sites and other measurement instrumentation quickly, using the existing infrastructure. The system provides relevant information in different layers based on the end user characteristics.

IPNP successfully implements an outsourcing business model for all professional aspects of data communication and data management of monitoring and control systems.

Reduction of water wastage
In many towns it is possible to reduce the wastage of water significantly by performing balances and analyzing output and consumption profiles in real time.

Reduction of water costs
In various projects savings of about 25% in water costs is achieved by optimal utilization of self water sources and external water resources.

Savings on electric bills
The smart operating methods of the pumps and accumulation volumes, taking into account day/night tariffs, enables savings of about 20% in electric costs.

Reduction of erosion
Early detection of failure conditions can save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars that would be needed for acquiring new pumps. The system provides engineers with maintenance information such as efficiency, timing of activation and engine stops etc.

Prevention of urban sewer trench overflow
Characterizing the sewage flow provides a clear picture of the performance of the urban sewer system. The system identifies exceptional events caused by local flow congestion due to damaged infrastructure, blockage or unexpected sewage sources.

A prevention of a sewage overflow 
The system provides alerts regarding the source of inundation in the lines caused by infiltration of rain water. Relevant actions reduce the load on pumping stations and deter environmental damage.

Savings in upgrading the sewage infrastructure
The system enables determining the performances criteria of the municipal sewage system, identifying sewage pipes that surpass criteria, and indicating pipes that require maintenance.

Improving work efficiency
Water and sewage staff, planners and inspectors can access the system simultaneously from any computer that is connected through the internet or cell phones.   Malfunctions can be determined and repaired immediately since the staff sees the same event, and there is no need to be physically present at the control center.

Return on Investments from the first site
Starting from the first site connected to the service, no matter how many sites are managed, the modular approach enables users to receive all types of reports and analyses, internet access by an unlimited number of users, SMS alerts, etc.

Savings in communication and information management costs
The unique technology saves on the establishment of an additional municipal computer center, and enables updates and the addition of more installations without the need for reengineering the network or rewriting new software for the user interface.


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